The game Smite belongs to the group of MOBA video adventures. MOBA is the abbreviation of multiplayer online battle arena experience. The game was produced in 2014 by Hi-Rez Studios. Players can enjoy the game from many devices including computers, Play Station 4 and Xbox One. Smite first appeared on Windows with the beta version before becoming available for other users. The game stands out due to its third-person player mode.

Overview of the game

Players who are interested in live betting should give Smite a go. The setup of the game involves two teams of players which each consist of 5 people, with one battling against the other. The teams start out at the Fountain and head over to the Phoenix. Each team has the aim of destroying the Phoenix of the other group.

The Smite experience includes various gameplay elements, such as:

  • Attack and defence
  • Statistics
  • Crowd control
  • Movement penalty
  • Structures
  • Minions
  • Jungle
  • Minimap
  • Gold
  • Experience
  • Ranked games

Attack and defence are the main battle elements. There are three damage types – Physical, Magical and True. Gods also have magical or physical abilities, used for protection. The statistics indicate the power, mobility and resistance of these players. There are three categories of statistics – offensive, defensive and utility. Offensive statistics indicate the damage performance, defensive stats refer to damage reduction and utility stats show the advantages of the play.

Smite also includes a Crowd Control option. This is used to accentuate the capabilities of the team which ultimately leads to success or failure. The crowd control system is powerful, motivating and useful for strategy as it limits other players in using their abilities.

The next gameplay element is the movement penalty. Penalties tend to influence the movement of the gods. This has an impact on factors such as their speed performance.

The structure is also an important part of gameplay. There are three structures in total: Titans, Towers, and famous Phoenixes. The structures are indestructible unless you have destroyed the previous one.

Players can make use of mini map help, which provides useful information on the jungle, existing structures, camps, and position of the gods.

Throughout the course of the game, players use the gold currency to purchase new items. Each participant begins the game with a particular gold amount which changes depending on playing mode.

Another helpful element is experience, which contributes to a god’s skills and boosts their abilities.

Finally, players can take advantage of ranked games. In these events, participants fight against each other with progressive options like pause and draft mode.

How to play

Smite is a fascinating adventure, featuring mythological characters and other elements from ancient cultures. During the course of the game, you will meet Zeus, Ra, Athena and other characters that are regularly added.

You start the game in Conquest mode as part of a team. Both teams aim to demolish Titans, towers, and Phoenixes. The story takes place on the map with three lanes, with all the action going down in the jungle atmosphere with monsters. Each team is made up of five players who have distinctive roles:

  • AD Carry: starts the game with weak stats (duo lane) and leads the team to triumph
  • Jungler: responsible for destroying minions in the jungle
  • Mid creature: available in the middle lane with some appearance in other lanes
  • Solo: appears in a solo lane, sometimes assists in another fight
  • Support: appears in duo lane and helps other players later on

As you can see, there are various characters you can play, each with progressive functions. Every character advances through the levels (20 levels in total). As they progress, they acquire new abilities e.g gold prizes. As soon as you receive gold, you can purchase more items. Later on in the game, there is also the chance to increase your charactersˈ performance. Thanks to the items, characters will progress from having a basic strength to being capable of more destructive hits.

Smite is playable with different currencies. First of all, there are favors which unlock gods or cosmetic items. Gems also unlock gods or procure cosmetic items. Players who look for gems have many opportunities available to them. They can use promotional codes, complete offers, collect daily rewards, take part in special events or purchase them with real cash.

The Smite experience is designed to reward players. There are two prestigious reward systems. The first one is commendations, which allows players to remunerate other participants for their performance. Commendations are also intended to provide an affirmative attitude in the game. The second one is the goodwill system. This motivates players to play according to the rules, to follow the codes and certain behavior. As a result, players receive favor/fantasy points in the game.

Smite players progress through the levels over time. Let’s take a look at each one. The starting account level is for inexperienced players. They need to play matches, collect points and level up within the game. As they progress, they can earn prizes such as boosters, rentals, god and skin rentals. If they want to participate in ranked games, they need to reach level 30.

More prestigious levels come after level 30, where players qualify for ranked games and continue to unlock achievements. Prestige levels come in various forms including Follower (level 31), Acolyte (level 51), Elder (level 71), Ethereal (level 91), Divine (level 91), Immortal (level 131), Godlike (level 151) and Ultimate (level 160).

Finally, let’s take a closer look at Masteries and Worshipers. The players who obtain worshipers receive god ranks. If you want to win worshipers, you need to win battles. Each victory comes with worshipers for the existing god. When certain gods reach rank 1, this is an indication of Master level. The number of worshipers depends on the game category.

  • A normal match provides 0,2 worshipers in a minute while winning the match comes with 4 additional items
  • League matches provide 0,3 worshipers in a minute whereas winning grants 5 additional items

When reaching specific God ranks, players have the possibility to procure Mastery skins for god characters. There are three mastery skins types: golden, legendary and diamond. If you want to unlock them, you should reach Rank 1, Rank 5 or Rank 10 respectively. In addition, players can acquire player avatars by reaching master levels. Finally, each god rank comes with a certain number of worshipers. There are ten God ranks and a maximum of 1000 possible worshipers. The first rank provides 50 worshipers, the second 155, the third 260, the fourth 365, the fifth 470, the sixth 575, the seventh 680, the eighth 785, the ninth 890 and the final 1000 worshipers.

Special features

Smite includes a variety of features. At the beginning of the story, players choose one of 90 Gods from different pantheons. Here you discover groups of Roman, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Celtic, Hindu, and many other gods. They belong to one of the following classes: Assassin, Warrior, Guardian, and Mage. Players can take advantage of various Godsˈ skills. These include attack, passive state, and four diverse capabilities. Each mode affects the result of the game. However, if the players are part of different teams they have to select distinctive Gods.

The next Smite features are heroes. Heroes come together with minions. Minions regularly appear at Phoenixes (every 30 seconds). They struggle against other heroes, Titans and Phoenix creatures.

Smite also includes gold in-game elements. At the beginning of the adventure, every player receives 1500 gold units. The units are intended for bonuses or abilities.

Esports betting explained

Smite provides an opportunity for progressive betting options. Players have the option to select one of four possible markets. It includes the market of winners, handicap, future, and special markets. If you want to take advantage of Bet real money experience, you should bet on the winners market. This market is easy to comprehend and very popular among customers.

The next most popular option is the handicap market. Here, one team takes advantage of +1,5/+2,5 while another comes with the same (-1,5/-2,5) disadvantage.

The future market is for customers who make predictions on possible winners. There are various options available including betting on winning teams, quarter-finals and semi-finals, final participants as well as a prediction on tournament winners.

Finally, there are special markets. Here you have a number of betting choices. For example, you can select Map 1/Map 2 winner, match score, map score, over/under result, odd/even kill number, the first team to acquire at least one map and so on.

Betting options available

If you want to try out Smite esports betting, there are many sites to choose from. For example, Betway provides a welcome offer for your first £10 deposit. When you make the first payment, you receive a 100% match up to £30. On this site, you can place bets on LOL, Starcraft, DOTA 2 and more. Take advantage of fast deposits via PayPal, MasterCard or Visa. Smite betting is accessible from Windows, Apple and Android devices.

Most esports betting sites don’t yet have a drop-down menu with the Smite option. However, some platforms (such as Betway and Pinnacle) offer gambling on large events.

Betting bonuses and free bets

There are many diverse options when it comes to Smite betting bonuses. First of all, we will take a look at Smite tournaments. At the moment, the Smite World Championship tournament is the most popular betting event on a worldwide level. It takes place every year, with teams from America, Europe and Asia participating in the event. It’s organized by Hi-Rez studios and has increasingly larger prizes over the years. In 2017, the amount of the total prize reached $1 million.

Smite tournaments stand out when it comes to awards. NRG Esports team, which conquered the competition in 2017, received a $600 million prize, while other participants shared the rest of the award. Millions of people worldwide follow the competition via Hireztv live stream or  the YouTube channel. They enjoy this MOBA’s third-person perspective as well as its entertaining moments.

If you look for specific Smite benefits, here you can expect some of the best esports bonuses out there. Let’s take a look at the details:

Coupon system

The coupon system is used for obtaining cosmetic items. Coupons are available in virtual form at favorable prices.


The gift system enables players to send awards to other participants.

Treasure chests

Treasure chests provide rewarding features when you want to acquire cosmetic items. They can be accessed from the in-game store.

Daily promotions

The daily promotion enables constant prizes for active players. The more you participate, the more benefits you take. Just log in every day and claim bonus features. Rewards start from 75 items at the beginning of the week and finish with 400 points at the end of the week.

Quest system

The quest system allows players to obtain rewards for completed quests.


Accolades are medals which you receive for achievements.


Achievements lead to prizes upon completion of small tasks in the game.

Payment methods and customer security

Everyone who wants to participate in Smite eSports should learn about payments and security. Smite is generally available on reputable sites such as Betway and Bet365. Those who enjoy Smite can make deposits/withdrawals in a number of ways:

  • Deposits are possible via PayPal, Neteller, Credit/Debit Cards, PaySafeCard, Skrill, eWire, Direct bank transfer, Sofort and more.
  • Withdrawals are available via Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, EntroPay Card, Direct bank transfer and more.