Overwatch is a hugely popular hero shooter that allows players to combine character strengths and overcome opponents. Pick a champion with esports betting for the ability to gain massive cash rewards!

Brief overview & history

In the world of first person shooters, Overwatch is among the newest and most unique additions to the genre. While some players compare Overwatch to the Valve title Team Fortress 2, Blizzard’s game has much to offer in terms of interactions and storyline. Blizzard has actually created a whole new universe to add to their gaming eternity, with teamwork necessary to succeed and amazing personalized heroes to choose from.

How it’s played & how to win real money

The game is played like a first person shooter with the added element of character diversity and development. Overwatch, when played in a competitive style, has two teams of six players each. Before spawn, each player gets to choose their character for the match – the goal is to combine champion strengths to overcome your opponents in strategic face-offs on the map. There are four competitive modes here, with each of the maps designed especially for the corresponding game mode. Let’s take a look at all of them now.


Claiming the defending capture points on the map grants teams victory points. With a certain similarity to Battlefield’s Conquest, Assault lets teams work together to reach the desired capture points and keep them to themselves for as long as possible. Group tactics are of an extreme value here, as any Overwatch player will tell you. The eligible maps for Assault are Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, and Volskaya Industries.


We can play the Escort Mode in Overwatch on the Watchpoint, Gibraltar, Dorado, and Route 66 maps. The mode is more often than not called Payload, too. The goal of the attacking team is to move a cart to the designated delivery point. This sounds simple enough…until a group of opponents starts raining down bullets on your head. Standing in close range of the cart enables us to guide it – what’s more, an increased number of teammates standing in the vicinity grants the cart with an increased movement speed. So again, playing the mode like a well-oiled machine is vital. Meanwhile, the defending team needs to prevent the cart from reaching its designated finish point. If they manage to keep it out of their protected place until the mode time runs out, they are victorious. Vice-versa, if the attackers get to “drive” the cart to the promised land, they win the round.


The Control Mode is exactly what the name suggests – two teams fighting at various objective-based challenges in three rounds. Each of those rounds designates an area as the Object. Teams can move closer to the object area by keeping a close formation of their characters – this gets them closer and closer to the win, with each round requiring us to visit a different location on the map. There is a Ban Map option here – each team takes turns to put a veto on a certain map. All remaining maps are eligible for play as different tournaments have varying ban structures – some take out more maps than others. But the goal at the end is the same – claim the Objective Points and win two out of the three rounds. Control is played on Lijan Tower, Nepal, and Ilios Maps.


As we can guess by the name, Hybrid combines a number of FPS game modes. The first part of Hybrid is represented by the Battle for Capture Points. Secondly, we get to the Escort play mode. This makes Hybrid maps more versatile to play, and provides more opportunities for high-skilled players to shine. The maps here are King’s Row, Numbani, and Hollywood.

As a part of the esports betting scene, the FPS is still a baby compared to other titles like CS: GO and Call of Duty. Despite that fact, the game is becoming increasingly popular with esports betting sites like Unibet Esports, Paddy Power Esports, Mr Green Esports, Betway Esports, Pinnacle, GG.bet, Thunderpick, or Bet365 Esports, and we can see it being a core fantasy sport with those in the future.

Real money and play money bets are open in Overwatch. The latter is not of our concern, so we will skip them. No in-game items can be posted as bets for this one, so they are out of the mix, too. Depositing with a credit card, PayPal, Paysafecard, and other payment options makes us eligible for an esports bet on Overwatch. Betting on such a game is similar to traditional sports betting. We decide which market to pursue, take our desired odds to pick, and place our bet. It’s that simple!

There are a couple of ways to stake at Overwatch. The most popular type of Overwatch bets is to combine them with other famous esports titles. In those cases, the game acts as an enhancer for combination slips while we leave the bigger profit odds for the bigger fantasy sports. Currently, most esports betting sites, even renowned names such as GG.bet, Pinnacle, and Thunderpick, offer limited Overwatch betting options. In most situations, we would want to predict the winner of a matchup and bet in their favour. We can also go for Fantasy Leagues scoreboards but this method is still in development, and it doesn’t require real money to be played.

How is the game different from others?

The sole difference in Overwatch comes from the character introduction for Blizzard. They are most adept in creating RPG titles such as Diablo 2, Diablo 3, and World of Warcraft but the developer company have found an unexplored avenue to look into. While many MOBA players like to switch it up with FPS games, Blizzard has combined the two genres to give us Overwatch.

The characters in the game all have unique abilities and strong or weak points. We usually don’t get to play an FPS with a storyline behind our character. In Overwatch, we find 21 different champions to pick from. They all have 2 basic abilities and an Ultimate one. These are the available classes to play in Overwatch:

Offense Characters

Starting with the damage dealers, the Offense Class in Overwatch is designed to deal as much damage as possible to enemy units. They can also work as assassins for valuable heroes on the opposing team. Almost all of their Ultimates are suited to nuke enemies in a matter of seconds. Examples of such champions are Pharah, Reaper, Tracer, and Hanzo.

Defense Characters

On the other end of the spectrum, Defense Champions are used as mines/turret placers in high-priority sections of the map. They also support the Offense/Tank teammates to ensure they are healthy enough to go into a fight. Such characters are Bastion, Widowmaker, and Torbjorn.

Tank Characters

Tanks in Overwatch hold our positions and push away enemy attacks. They protect their fellow champions by using shields, absorbing and deflecting damage. They may be slow but they are extremely powerful so don’t underestimate them. Examples of this class are Winston and Reinhardt.

Support Characters

Supports are the helping hand in Overwatch. Be it healing Tanks, aiding Defensive Champions to reach a certain map point, or enhancing the damage of Offense Teammates, supports are there to pave the way to victory. Such heroes are Mercy, Zenyatta, and Symmetra.

Another unique point in Overwatch is the character composition during any match. While in other FPS games, we simply choose a hero and finish the game with him/her, Blizzard suggests that competitive play requires more thought to the process. In an anti-static meta-structure, characters can change forms throughout any match. We can choose a Tank for the start of the game just to realize that another Support is needed on the battlefield. This also pushes players to try out more champions – there isn’t any restriction to how often duplicating champions can be used by either of the teams. Most tournaments, however, regulate in-team compositions to avoid overwhelming character-combos.

Overwatch can be played on both console and PC systems. Current tournaments only take place on the PC platform but this is due to the keyboard-mouse combination in PCs. If future console controllers evolve, we may be seeing a shift in the platform of choice for competitive Overwatch play. Furthermore, we can’t mix consoles during a game – meaning our teammates must play on a PC if we are using one, and we have to get behind a console if we are playing with our PS4 friends.

Overwatch Betting Rules

Overwatch betting standard rules are pretty easy to follow. We launch the game, enter the game finder, pick a champion, and follow the objectives on the map. Completing them gets us ahead on the scoreboard until an eventual win.

Feature & advantages

We talked a lot about the Overwatch features in each section, and now it’s time to take a look at the advantages and prize pools of the game. It is kind of a unique merging of MOBA and FPS, and it is still a fresh addition to the esports betting community – this makes all Overwatch tournaments open for every player with the means to enter them. This is why placing bets on Overwatch tournaments may be extremely volatile.

Prize pools in Overwatch tournaments aren’t even close to reaching the heights of DOTA 2 and League of Legends. Most tournaments don’t come with over a $1,000 prize money pool, with a few exceptions going up to $10,000 ($5,000 for the winner). This can lead to great difficulties with regular players but this is soon to change, according to esports experts. The small prize pools only catalyze wider sponsorship for promising players – don’t think that huge esports enterprises don’t see the promise in Overwatch. It is just a rumor, but some Overwatch enthusiasts expect that Blizzard will start their own tournament scheme. If this happens, betting options at all esports gambling sites will increase immensely. Nowadays, some tournaments of the game gather up to 40,000 people at once but imagine the number if Blizzard started hosting the competition themselves. The moment they take a step into the market, we will head to the Overwatch tab in our favourite esports betting platform!