League of Legends

League of Legends allows players to match up in teams so they can complete their purpose – destroy the enemy Nexus. Get involved in LoL esports betting tournaments to be in with a chance of some big wins!

Brief overview & history

League of Legends is probably the most popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game at the moment. While Dota 2 still has an enormous fan base, LoL seems to have the edge in the battle between the two.

An inspiration from the Warcraft III mod – Defense of the Ancients (DOTA itself) – League of Legends’ creator Riot Games took on the help of Steve Feak, an experienced MOBA developer, and he assisted them with designing and polishing the game. Launched in 2009, the game has drawn much attention from players and fans all over the world.

How it’s played & how to win real money

At its core, LoL betting is a 5×5 matchup with the sole purpose of destroying the enemy Nexus before they manage to break yours. There are three paths that connect the two bases – Bot, Mid, and Top lane. Each lane packs the following features:

  • Minions spawn from the Nexus at frequent intervals to assist us in attacking enemy minions, players, structures, and the Nexus at the end. Killing a minion here is called “last hitting” and grants us gold based on the minion type. This gold is later used to buy items while the experience from farming (last hitting minions) lets us gain levels and unlock more powerful abilities.
  • The turrets in the game are defensive towers which strike the first enemy in range, be it a minion or a champion. Turret damage is static for minions but it stacks when it comes to champions – each next consecutive hit deals more damage.
  • Inhibitors are like smaller nexuses – they don’t spawn minions but they grant the opponent Super Minions if they manage to break them. And those big boys can help us immensely in winning the game.
  • In between all lanes, we have the Jungle. It is a place filled with different mobs (monsters) – that are neutral and can be taken by both sides. The Jungle also grants gold and experience, as well as temporary buffs – Blue Buff for mana/spirit regeneration and cooldown reduction and Red Buff – granting slow effects on auto-attacks and Hit Points regeneration.

Each of the players gets to control a champion of their choice. Each champion has special abilities and they differ in types of damage, amount of damage, endurance levels, and more. Depending on the champion’s kit, each character can be used in varying roles:

  • Tanks – melee characters capable of taking more damage before dying than Marksmen. Their purpose is to protect the damage dealers of the team so the latter can kill as many enemy players as possible – killing every enemy character is ideal and it results in an Ace.
  • Fighters/Bruisers – these players have less survivability than tanks but they can still endure some serious crushing. They deal more damage than tanks and are exquisite duelists.
  • Assassins – the burst damage dealers of the group are called assassins. They are usually stealthier but extremely easy to kill if locked down with CC (Crowd Control – Stuns, Snares, Roots, Suppresses, Sleeps).
  • Supports – these helping heroes are on the field mainly to buff their allies and make sure to protect them from harm. However, in recent seasons in LoL, we can see some AP (Ability Power/Mages) supports being on the top of the Damage Dealt list at the end of each game.
  • Carries – being APC (Ability Power Carry/Mages) and ADC (Attack Damage Carry/Marksmen). These are the damage core of each team. Their role is to dish out as much damage as possible during a fight. Even if they die eventually, they will still have made the needed impact to help their fellow champions win the fight/game. ADCs rely on their basic attacks for their main damage source while APCs use magic spells to try one-shotting the opponents.

These are only the basics. Esports betting opens up a lot more possibilities than we have ever expected to have at our disposal. Positioning, items, objectives – Dragons/Baron Nashor, Elder Dragon, jungle invasions, character rotation, designated fight areas, and much more. League of Legends isn’t complex when it comes to casual play but going for it at the top-ranks will require definite skill and experience. The mechanics of this MOBA are unique, as players all over the globe come up with different builds (item purchases) for each champion on a daily basis.

Ultimately, the ideal goal is to win fights (preferably with an Ace), and then take objectives – be it Infernal Dragons, Baron Nashor, the Elder Dragon, or towers and inhibitors, every downtime on enemy players lets us expand our lead in the game. There are hundreds of amazing strategies in League of Legends, and we just need to explore each one of them to be able to play and bet on the game competitively – and this will come with time and experience.

As an esports enthusiast, there are two main ways to win real money from League of Legends. The first one is by becoming incredibly proficient at the game and joining an esports team – you will take part in tournaments to try and grant your team the win, and therefore the prize pool, at any event. While this is a dreamy option, most of us aren’t suited to become professional fantasy sports players. It takes great dedication, quick motor skills, logical thinking and an overall rich knowledge of the chosen game.

For all others, there is esports betting. Most eligible betting sites nowadays offer fantasy sports betting. While LoL can accept your bets in many different platforms, we consider Unibet Esports, Paddy Power Esports, Mr Green Esports, Betway Esports, Pinnacle, GG.bet, Thunderpick, or Bet365 Esports to be the best places for esports enthusiasts.

Once we get started with any of those sites, we will see that esports wagers aren’t that different from ordinary sports bets. We can try betting for the Outright winners of a tournament, or we can stick to the Single Match options. There is also a How many matches will a team endure bet, first slain Dragon, first Nashor to kill, First Blood, Most kills in the team/game, best KDA, gold at X minute, handicapped bets for Best of 3 and Best of 5 matches, next round qualifiers, and much more.

Daily, the MOBA title welcomes over 7.5 million competitive players in peak hours – this means that tens of millions of players are engaging with the game on a monthly basis. With millions also just watching the game via different streaming sites, we can’t possibly estimate the total fans involved in League of Legends each year. We only know that the game’s fan base is constantly expanding, and we wouldn’t miss a chance to be a part of it!

How is the game different from others?

League of Legends betting is only similar to one other game in existence – Dota. Yes, there are other MOBAs which can argue a resemblance with LoL but even Dota/Dota 2 are very different from it. The title was inspired by the Warcraft Mod but this doesn’t mean it hasn’t come a long way from then. It packs a unique set of HD visuals and sound effects. It can be played on both laptop and PC, with a mobile version of the game being released recently (although the name is different – Mobile Legends). It doesn’t come as a surprise to us that the game is changing non-stop, becoming more engaging, evolving into new playstyles and strategies, and forming an all-around vision of how the modern MOBA must look like.

LoL Betting Rules

The rules, if we can call them that, in LoL are pretty simple:

  • Join a queue – Blind Pick, Draft Pick, or Ranked – Solo/Duo or Flex
  • Show your team which champion you intend to play according to your assigned role
  • Ban a single champion – no team can play it once it’s banned
  • Lock in your chosen champion and arrange Runes/Summoner Spells
  • When the game starts, go to the lane matching your champion role and continue on to overcome your opponents
  • Destroy towers until your reach the inhibitors. Repeat the exercise
  • Destroy the enemy Nexus
  • Win the game

Feature & Advantages

League of Legends shines with its features and tournaments whether we have played/watched the game or not. While the first World Championship in LoL was only followed by a handful of people, the game has grown to become one of the most watched titles in the last couple of years. In 2015, the NA Championship was held in Madison Square Garden, for instance. Of course, Riot hosts the most enormous League of Legends tournaments, with every continent having a series of qualifiers before going on the Big Stage to match their skills with the rest of the LoL gaming world.

Each year of playing League of Legends is divided into Seasons. Usually starting in November, the new season goes on for one year, followed by a brief period of Pre-season play where players get to try new strategies before the real deal starts. They can also explore new items, runes, champions, and enhancers in the game. The prize pool of the World Championship started at $99,500 with the 2018 pool being $2,250,000.