Heroes of The Storm

Esports betting is the new craze in the world of online sports gambling. It is interesting to note that the trend is not only amongst youth between 18-21 years, but it is rapidly gaining popularity among bettors of all ages.

Most players who are familiar with traditional sports betting on games such as soccer, tennis, rugby, cricket, and basketball will easily understand how esports betting works. It’s very similar to most home video games, with the main difference being that players can bet real money on these games. In this article, we discuss Esports betting, learn about Heroes of the Storm, how to place your bets, how to make payments and advise you about esports betting.

Esports gaming may be done casually or for fun, but the majority are in it for professional gains. Unlike casual video games, the players and the spectators of these games are quite different, and in some instances, esports games tournaments are played globally and rake in handsome revenues for their operators. Additionally, the mode of playing the game differs with esports games offering you the chance to play solo, against other players on the internet and as teams against other teams.

Where to Play Esports

To start playing esports, you need to first research and identify the sites that offer esports games. Most bookmakers are diversifying their games to provide esports as an option in addition to the usual sports tournaments and events. Some of the notable esports bookmakers include Bet365, Betway, Mr Green, Betsafe, Ggbet, Pinnacle, Arcanebet, Unikrn, Bovada, William Hill, Unibet, Spin Palace, 32 Red, Redbet and Bodog among others.

Popular Esports Games

Esports might still be a relatively new term to most online gamers, but the positive response has led operators to come up with new offerings to keep punters occupied. Popular esports games that have attracted a huge following include Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, Overwatch, Dota 2, Call of Duty, FIFA Football, Star Craft 2, Street Fighter, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and Rocket League among others.

To understand more about esports games, join us as we review Heroes of the Storm, one of the games that has attracted many gamers since its entry into the arena.

Overview of Heroes of the Storm

June 2015 saw Blizzard Entertainment release one of the most interesting and exciting Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games out there: Heroes of the Storm. This online game has quickly risen to become one of the most played in the esports games industry.  The game is heavily centred around teamwork, with two teams of 5 by 5 members challenging each other. The setting of the game is for two teams to try to defeat each other in the battleground, win maps and gather points that see them advancing in ranks to emerge the victors in the battle.

How to Play Heroes of the Storm

It is easy to play Heroes of the Storm, whether you are a newbie or experienced in the esports gaming field. This is because there are tutorials and different levels that are suited for players with varying expertise.

Getting Started

To start playing the game, you need to first identify the bookmaker or betting site of your choice. Only do this after ascertaining that betting is allowed in your locality and that you are playing on a licensed and regulated site. You then need to sign up at your chosen betting site with your identification details and fund your account in case you aim to play for real money.

Learning the Basics

You can check out a tutorial for a taste and insight into how to play the game and learn the basics before you fund your account to play for real money. The basics include instructions on how to move your hero, the types of heroes, the controls and objectives that you have to achieve in every match, the heroes’ skills and abilities, how to carry out combats, and how to mount and dismount the various animals.

Gaming Modes

Next, you need to choose the best mode for your gameplay. You may opt for the unranked mode as you learn the game since it is less competitive. You start at the training or beginner mode, teaming with other players against other computer-controlled teams in less difficult matches. Other unranked modes include quick match where you choose the hero you would like to play and challenge others who possess similar abilities. You can also choose the heroes brawl where there are no set rules and you are presented with unique matches and teammates.

To play on the ranked mode, you need to defeat enemies and climb the ranks to the grandmaster level. This earns you rewards in the leaderboard tournaments. There are two ranked modes, which includes the team league where a team aims to defeat all the other teams in the game leaderboard tournament.  The hero league includes the best performing solo players in the tournament.  Alternatively, one can play custom-made games where you get to choose your battleground, choose your teammates and observers. In this gaming mode, opposing teams can select their heroes without duplicating them and also invite other players into the game.

To win as a solo player or a team, one must challenge the opposite team, conquer battlegrounds, collect points and advance to a more difficult level.

Special Features

Heroes of the Storm utilises heroes drawn from other esports games from Blizzard such as Warcraft, Diablo, Overwatch, the Lost Vikings, and Star Craft. However, there is no glory for a single hero since all teammates share in the points earned by their team members. Additionally, the skills are evident before the start of the games. The site also uses unique battlegrounds such as the Blackhearts Bay, Braxis Holdout, and Cursed Hollow. Each of the battlegrounds has unique features, a unique layout and unique objectives.  Players can also choose to play custom games.

Esports Betting Explained

While esports betting might sound confusing to most newbies in this field, it is not complicated and operates in the same way as sports betting.

The basic concept is this: in order to be in with a chance of winning, one needs to bet against a possible outcome in the esports game they are focused on. Many possible outcomes might favour the player or the operator. However, no matter who wins or loses, the operator must calculate his odds well in order to sustain his position. The outcomes and odds that one can bet on determines if one wins or loses a bet and how much the operator gains from that particular bet.

For instance, in Heroes of the Storm, there are many bets based on predicting which team wins a match, which team meets their objective first, or which team gathers the most points. Gamers can bet in play or before a match commences and there are dozens of outcomes and bets that are available for different games. However, some common bets are available in most esports games. We analyse some of them in the next section.

Types of Esports Bets

Just like in any sports game, you need to predict a certain outcome for you to win. Some of these outcomes include:

  • Outright/Match: Bets are placed on the team or player who will end up winning the game. These bets are placed before the tournament begins.
  • Handicap: The bookmaker adjusts the score on the outcome of the tournament and bettors have to predict the final results after this adjustment has been applied in order to win.
  • Match Winner: Bettors have to predict which players or teams will win the match. This can be done as the tournament is being held or in live betting mode.
  • Correct Score: Bettors have to predict the exact final score of the match or tournament
  • Special Bets: Bettors predict special events such as how many kills a certain hero will make. One can also bet on player specials and predict if a specific player will emerge the winner in a match or the number of opponents the player captures in a match.
  • Totals: Bettors have to predict certain totals such as the total maps a certain team will win.

Available Betting Options

Many players opt to play esports for fun and enjoy the challenge of winning against other players, their friends, or the computer controlled opponents. However, some players bet on esports professionally and earn handsome rewards for their efforts. There are many betting options available, and bettors have a choice between one or more options to achieve their objective. Popular options include:

Real Money Betting

To play for real money, one needs to fund an account and choose the number of bets to place on a specific outcome or outcomes. For example, while betting on a specific MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game, typical bets would be on which team emerges the winner or which team will obtain the most points. Predicting the outcome correctly results in winning that bet.

Social betting

Most casual gamers bet with their friends or other players for cash funds or items.

Skin betting

This is where items such as virtual gold coins are used to gamble with instead of real money

Challenge betting

Here players compete against each other and earn real money or items.

After analysing the different betting options, you should choose the option that best fits your objectives. This could be real money gaming if you are aiming to play professionally and earn handsome prizes in the process. However, real money gaming is not the best option for beginners. If your objective is to play casually and have fun, social and skin betting would be the better option since you do not run the risk of losing too much cash.

Betting Bonuses and Free Bets

Just like in the online casino industry and sports betting, most bookmakers encourage their bettors to play on their sites by offering them betting bonuses and free funds bonuses. To get access to the best esports bonuses, one needs to first create an account at the site and provide personal details. This includes one’s names, age, physical address, country/state, and other personal details. Most of the bonuses are available to new customers only and available once you successfully sign up at the site.

There are various welcome bonuses depending on a site’s generosity. One of them is the no deposit bonus where you get a bonus when you create your account. It is awarded even before you make your first deposit. This welcome offer comes with wagering requirements and provides you with a chance to learn and get a feel of the site before you make up your mind about committing your funds. The offer comes in the form of bonus funds which can be used to play specific games on the site. The no- deposit bonus could also be provided in the form of free spins on selected slots games if the betting site hosts slots games.

The most common new customer offer is, however, the deposit bonus /bonuses, which are provided when one creates an account and funds it. The bonus could be provided only on the initial deposit or on consecutive deposits for a newcomer. The bonus is provided in the form of deposit match bonuses where your first deposit is matched with a bonus of a certain percentage up to a maximum of a certain amount.

For instance, an initial deposit could be matched up with 100% up to a maximum of £100, meaning that depositing £100 earns you an extra £100 to play your games with. In most cases, the bonus is subject to a wagering requirement which has to be met before you can claim the bonus.

Other bonuses are provided when one participates in the daily promotions and seasonal tournaments that are held at the betting sites. The rewards in these promotions include free esports bets where one can win free bets of a certain amount and use them to play specific games that are being promoted.  One does not have to use personal funds to bet.

Payment Methods and Customer Security

Many payment methods are supported by the various betting sites. You only need to choose the most convenient one. This includes the use of debit and credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, and EntroPay. Prepaid card vouchers such as Paysafe cards can also be used on some betting sites. Other payment options include eWallets such as Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller. Bank transfers using Citadel and EFTs as well as cheques are also supported in some instances. Pay by phone is also another easy payment system that is rapidly gaining popularity among many esports betting fans.

Other payment methods are country-specific. They include: Astropay, Bitcoin, Boleto, Poli, Entercash, Sofort, Giropay and Zimpler among others.

Betting sites must adopt strict security measures for them to be licensed by the relevant gambling authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority. These regulators work hand in hand with the Esports Integrity Coalition to protect players from exploitation by rogue betting operators.

Additionally, all the esports betting sites must encrypt their customer’s data using SSL encryption software to protect the data from leaking. Moreover, betting sites must encourage their punters to adopt responsible gambling practices. This is achieved through the site’s ‘responsible gambling’ page and by referring gamers to relevant bodies where they can get help with gambling addiction. Many sites also provide options for limiting one’s deposits and withdrawals so that one does not bet over his budget.