Esports betting is becoming a hugely popular platform across the globe. People now view it as a convenient way of earning some extra bucks. They tend to bet real money and gamble with just a few clicks. The shift has indeed been a revolutionary one.

What started as a common hobby, multiplayer gaming, has now become a whole industry in itself. The domain is now capitalized in the form of major conventions and tournaments conducted globally. The list of participants has grown over the years, and so has the number of spoils for the victor. Games like Counter-Strike, Fortnite, Call of Duty and many others have become the medium of esports betting. Players now play these games while parties bet real money to gain profit.

In the list of game that falls on the radar of esports betting, Halo is one of the most popular options. Let’s take a look at how the game functions while further delving into the esports betting structure that revolves around it.

Overview of the Game

Halo is a first-person shooter with a science fiction theme. The game was first released as Halo: Combat Evolved in the year 2001. The game is creatively built and designed around a fictional futuristic storyline. Based in years far ahead of our time, the game focuses on a soldier who is a part of the ongoing war between humans and an alliance of extra-terrestrial creatures.

It is one of the most critically acclaimed games brought out by Microsoft Studios. Since its inception, Halo has been expanded into five further editions and has failed to disappoint each time. The futuristic gameplay, ground-breaking technological concepts, intense gameplay, and a heartfelt plot all creates a great game. These factors are indeed the reason that thousands of people are willing to bet real money on a soldier with a knack for killing aliens.

How to Play

The story mode of the game is single player and follows the main storyline, but multiplayer mode is a tad different – it’s a classic arena shooter. There are two teams made up of 4 players each, and a variety of different maps and arenas to choose from. Furthermore, players are given an arsenal of weapons to choose from. The two teams are then put into the arena to battle it out, and whichever team’s member is the last man standing, the team is deemed victorious. Bonus points can also be earned by completing objectives given at the beginning for each round.

The betting in this mode is very basic and easy. The odds for each participating team are set prior to the game and punters are allowed to choose and bet in-play. The winning team decides the subsequent winners of the bet. In live betting, however, the odds keep on changing as the game progresses. The teams who finish a greater number of secondary objectives are also eligible for betting bonuses.

The game’s intense gameplay and unpredictability is the reason punters tend to bet more and eventually win even more.

When Halo launched almost a decade ago, the term esports was not even invented. The game was met with a great response in the gaming community, but no one at that point would have imagined Halo becoming one of the most popular grossing esports.

When the trend of esports took the world by storm, players started spending hours mastering the weapons and memorising the maps and arenas. Competition grew, and the result was an influx of gamers from around the world looking for a platform to showcase their hard-earned skills. This new wave of video game competitiveness resulted in annual video game tournaments and conventions. As popularity grew, so did the players. Other games were introduced, rules were structured, and soon a whole organized industry was brought to life. And as all other sports witnessed the same next step, betting followed esports too.

Betting Options Available

The betting system around Halo differs slightly from other video games it competes against. There is a total of 3 types of markets and ways in which the Halo betting system works. To get a proper understanding, a brief look would be required:

  • Winner’s Market- This method is the most basic one. Two teams that are to participate are subjected to different or similar odds, depending on their performance profile. The winner, in the end, gets the winnings – however, the winnings for the team with a higher odd is less and vice versa. However, it is always best to bet on the side more likely to win, that is, the side with the higher odds.
  • Handicap Market- this mode is similar to the Winner’s market, however in this one, one of the sides is given a slight advantage of odds in the beginning, and as the game progresses, the odds drop owing to the advantage given, thus offering more profits.
  • Outright Winner- this mode is for the punters who are really looking to test their fates. This mode requires a high deposit and offers a grand total in winnings. In this mode, bets are not placed on each game or round. Instead, punters take a calculated risk and predict end results. In essence, they predict which team will win the finals or regional championship. The stakes are high, and if won, the bet provides a large sum of profits.

Where to participate in Halo esports betting


One of the most popular and credible esports betting sites out there, ArcaneBet offers a versatile platform for Halo punters. The website is known for its vast number of esports match options. The odds set for each team is usually deemed fair and fetches good, profitable wins for punters. The site also provides various daily promotion offers and live betting rooms for larger wins. In addition to this, there are convenient partial as well as full cash out options. In addition to Halo, this site also offers games like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, etc.On top of all this, ArcaneBet is a user-friendly site, with its comprehensive interface making it easy for punters to navigate and play games on their own terms.


Another versatile esports site is BetHard. The widely used betting site was once famous for its sports betting and slot games. Fortunately, the site has adapted well to changing times and is now one of the best esports betting sites out there. Halo is a widely popular game on BetHard, owing to the profitable new customer offer and generous betting bonuses. The Halo multiplayer rooms are also eligible for live betting.

BetHard uses a personalized algorithm in its site interface which makes it completely user-friendly and incredibly easy to navigate. Users who log in for the first time are required to become members – and this membership comes with its own perks. You’re given a new customer offer to get you started, along with a number of free esports bets. The users can thus engage with a head start and go on to earn profits. The live betting room is also accompanied by player specials bonuses which change every day.


BetSpawn holds a well-deserved place on the list of famed Halo esports betting sites. It’s not only known for its famed table games and online casinos but also for its esports betting services. In addition to its appealing layout, the site is very generous with its opening offers. Punters who are registering for the first time are provided with a new customer offer and earn a financial benefit. In addition to that, every third deposit earns the user up to a £1000.

Players are part of a level up system. The higher the earning, the higher the level – and the greater the win. The high-level elites also get a monthly appreciation token. There are a ton of live streaming videos and records of previous games to help gain more insight. The live betting feature is fast paced and works smoothly.

BetSpawn’s cash withdrawal services are fast-paced and are processed within two days. What’s more, transactions are highly secure due to 128-bit SSL encryption. Customers with any issues can contact the customer support team which is highly competent, cordial and available 24/7.


Sports betting and slot games were already GGBet’s strong points. However, recent years have seen them dominate esports too. The site is easy to navigate even for beginners and comes with numerous monetary benefits for new members. Those who have just signed up will receive additional betting bonuses on their first ten wins. In addition to that, they are also given up to £1500 for every third deposit made to the site. Free esports bets provide a final grand addition to the starter pack.

The site has a daily lucky wheel spin which can net players prizes of up to 100 free bets and other mind-blowing gifts. The site also has a fast lane design for players who want a reduced waiting time.

Prior to each match, punters are provided with a detailed team profile, which aids in making smart betting decisions. The live betting services are equipped with fair odds and generous winnings.


X-Bet is one of the elite esports betting sites. The site is used by a huge amount of Halo Gamers due to its game-specific betting bonuses. Upon registration and making a first deposit, punters are given monetary bonuses and free esports bets.

The gaming structure is fast paced to avoid any time wastage. Properly detailed team pages are provided along with fair odds for punters to make a calculated decision.

The site is easy to navigate, just like its many rivals, and is secured by SSL encryption. The transactions made on the site are thus secure.

The methods of payment that the site accommodates further make the betting experience one to remember. In addition to the use of credit and debit cards, the website also takes cryptocurrencies into account.

 Betting Bonuses and Free Bets

Users who are registering for the first time on some sites are eligible for new customer offer bonuses that provide a few deposit free games and an amount up to $100, along with free esports bets.

Some will be given a financial boost every few deposits, most often every third time one is made.

In addition to these tempting monetary benefits, some sites also offer free cash withdrawal without any commissioned cuts.

Payment Methods

The modes of payment that esports betting sites offer are endless. Here are some examples:

  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • Epay
  • Bitcoin
  • Ether
  • EazyPay
  • Echeque

Customer Security

Esports betting sites are protected by measures such as binary algorithms, which provide safe transactional capabilities. Customers’ transactions are highly secure because 128-bit SSL encryption is incorporated.