Fortnite, the game that’s taken the world by storm, is a survival-based third-person shooter. Learn more about game strategy here to get lucky with esports betting.

Brief overview & history

The battle Royale game genre has come rushing into the esports universe at a scary speed. The main reason behind this is Fortnite Battle Royale. It is an interactive third-person shooter, available for play on many platforms since the second half of 2017. Epic Games, the developer and publisher of the game, have reported over 3 million active players in their servers, and the number just keeps growing. One of the most well-accepted titles in recent years, Fortnite has developed the means to make it to the top of the fantasy sports betting world in its genre.

How it’s played & how to win real money

If we are to be making profits from Fortnite esports bets, we have to know how the game is played.We don’t have to be masters at it but a good idea of how the game works is crucial to have. We will cover only the Battle Royale version of the game as it is the most played one across the globe.

Each Fortnite game begins with a plain setup – 100 players are dropped from the sky onto a small island somewhere on the planet. They need to find and collect weapons and materials to survive before encountering a brawl. The game can be played in teams or Solo Mode but we always end up with a singular form of the winner – a Player or a Team.

The flying Fortnite bus takes us over the survival island and we can choose when and where to get out of it. Our guard must always be up as danger can come from all sides. Being on a relatively small map provokes many skirmishes over valuable (and not so valuable) items across the island.

Although this isn’t a unique concept when it comes to battle royale games, Fortnite manages to make itself stand out. Competitive players can build their own custom structures to keep safe from attackers. This is why top-tier professionals at the game can entertain the audience for minutes at a time until one of them manages to break the other’s defenses. Stronger buildings, better shooting angles, and ambushes are all a part of the Fortnite gameplay. You can be the sharpest shooter or the quickest drawer but here, we need a clever logic behind our actions to avoid being tricked.

Going further into the game doesn’t mean we will stop collecting items. From Commons (white-coloured) to Legendaries (orange-coloured), different rarity type items will grant us fewer or greater bonuses to fight with. We can start off with a simple hunting knife and end up with a bazooka to claim the victory. And while the looting structure of the game lets us keep a low profile and just seek out powerful weapons, this isn’t so easily accomplished in Fortnite. The Storm Eye will come into action sooner than expected – this feature of the game narrows the playable area steadily until we can’t possibly hide from enemies.

Fortnite is a definite rookie when it comes to its esports presence, but they are making their way into the big leagues. Large tournament play in Fortnite currently consists of show matches and LAN based tournaments – but once this is developed more, we expect trusted betting sites like Unibet Esports, Paddy Power Esports, Mr Green Esports, Betway Esports, Pinnacle,, Thunderpick, or Bet365 Esports provide us with betting options in the game.

Even in its infant stage of development and fan base building, Fortnite can be seen as a match to the established giants in fantasy sports. As of 2018, Fortnite is among the most watched online games on while their Twitter account has over 6 million followers. The company behind the game states that the estimated user base in Fortnite adds up to a whopping 45 million players. So much progress in such a short period of time can only mean that Fortnite will become a solid esports betting option within a few years.

How is the game different from others?

Fortnite Battle Royale is different from other battle royale games in the industry due to its unique gameplay. The game interacts with players on many levels, and this is what keeps them attached to it. It is new, polished, offers a lot of variety and in-game content, and lets players take part on their mobiles.

Simply put, the rules in Fortnite require us to launch the game and join a battle royale arena island. We come in on the flying bus, we decide when and where to jump and we proceed to find weapons and materials. The rules require us to fight at a certain point rather than constantly search for legendary weapons, so we are basically a survivor who tries to out-survive the other 99 outcasts. The final rule is to keep ourselves alive until no one else is left.

Feature & Advantages

Being the new kid on the block makes Fortnite eligible for big plans. They have studied the experience of established names in the esports world, and they can take advantage of that knowledge. Although we haven’t seen any big tournament in action yet, Epic Games have ensured fans that a $100 million prize pool seasonal competition is on the way. Yes, you read it right – they aren’t playing small.

It’s tricky to predict how a tournament will play out as the 100-person structure of each match brings up some difficulties. Will this mean that each tournament will consist of at least one hundred individual players? Will there be teams? If so, should the player volume grow even higher? We are also unsure if watching 100 people every game will be efficient. While we can easily follow up to 10 players on a map, how can we track the movement and actions of 100? Maybe lock-on cameras and spectator preferences will kick in.

Let’s explore an example tournament here – Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is a Fortnite streamer who took part in a somewhat unusual event. He was up against 99 other players and the goal was to win ten games against them. Given the fact that each Ninja killer would get $2,500 reward left him with little chance of ever being able to claim a victory. However, he did win one out of the ten games – which resulted in a $22,500 prize pool for the lucky assassins. And even this small competition provoked a lot of discussion among the Fortnite fan base, hinting at the promise of greatness in esports betting for this game.