The world of esports betting currently has an audience of around 385 million, 191 million of whom are hardcore fans. One of the key games players bet on is FIFA.

The world of esports betting currently has an audience of around 385 million, 191 million of whom are hardcore fans. One of the key games players bet on is FIFA. FIFA is a football video game that is formally licensed by the Federation Internationale de Football Association, which is an administrative body for sports that arranges and endorses important tournaments such as the world cup.

FIFA first came out in 1993 and is currently known for its 18th edition, more commonly known as FIFA18. Its tournaments, such as the eWorld Cup, have proven to be incredibly popular, which most likely stems from the fact that anyone with a game console has a shot at becoming a global champion.

Due to its rapid growth in popularity, FIFA has grabbed the attention of the world’s most popular bookmarkers such as Betway and 365Bet, enabling players to bet on eSports online.

Overview of the Game

Esports itself refers to online gaming played as a contest over the internet. Esport games are not casual – they have an official tournament organization and a solid structure. Moreover, ESPN and other active sports channels, along with streaming media channels like Twitch TV, feature these esports games.

FIFA as an esports game has shown tremendous success since its launch in 1993. The success of FIFA springs mostly from the fact that its name features licensed teams and the most popular leagues from around the world. It is thanks to the thriving esports industry that betting on FIFA has seen a tremendous surge and increase in its reputation.

FIFA is well known as one of the world’s most prominent games. For example, FIFA 12 holds a record of accomplishment as the swiftest ever-selling sports game, marketing 3.2 million units during the first week of its debut. Offering players the opportunity to game with their favorite football superstar, on realistically rendered playing fields and with the excitement and action of a conventional live game, FIFA allows anyone to be a sports star. What’s more, FIFA offers grand prizes to its participants – something that has led to a growth of professionalism among its players. Naturally, people respond to this by increasing their stake on FIFA bets as the public profile keeps expanding.

How to Play

Playing Fifa is not unlike mastering a game of soccer in the real world. Getting a handle on the basics will ensure your club is on its way to success. In order to get the ball from your players to the goal, there are some essential skills you should get educated on:

Passing the ball

Being able to pass the ball quickly and efficiently will result in increased scoring opportunities. There are different kinds of pass you can utilise – for example, using a short pass when your team mate is open and close by, performing a driven ground pass to get the ball over the width of the field and carrying out flair passes sparingly.


Knowing how to defend the ball will ensure opponents are frustrated and lead to counterattacks that could make the situation worse for them. Learning to accurately switch defenders in gameplay, run alongside an opponent or charge a player is incredibly useful.


There are a range of shooting methods available, and using the wrong one could lose you a match. Use a regular shot with an open net, a fitness shot to curl the ball around the keeper and a flair shot only when you have plenty of space to show off.

Special Features

When betting with Fifa, you can make a wager with stakes other than money. For example, you can wager for virtual items, and you can use them as currency to gamble with. These virtual objects can be virtual currency or accessories that you can use in gaming. These items may have no monetary value in the real world. However, they’re a grand prize in the game – not only for their applicability but also as they represent a higher ranking in the gaming world.

Esport Betting Explained

Betting odds refer to the possibility of a specific result happening, and they dictate the amount you can win. If you want to bet and win in the growing FIFA esports market, you need to figure out what the odds are, and how to interpret them to your advantage.

Bets can broadly be categorized into two within the context of the likeliness of a specific outcome occurring: odds-on and odds-against. In the odds-on bet, you stake on a player who is most likely to win. In the odds-against wager, you place a bet on a player who is likely to lose.

The higher the odds, the less likely your winning probability. To figure out your possible win, multiply your wager by the decimal of odds, or the fraction odds.

You can use the fraction odds to determine the likelihood of the outcome. However, the probability available is just a perception of a certain bookmaker. Other bookmakers may give a different possibility or different odds; thus, consult all bookmakers to determine the most favorable odds before you make a wager.

Understanding the odds, which refer to the chance of a particular outcome occurring during the game, is the mother of success in esport betting. Bookies calculate odds by taking account of factors such as the player’s form, past results, historical results against the same opponent and more.

Betting Options Available

Undoubtedly, FIFA is a prime candidate for betting, given its close relationship with football. It is one of the better-served esports when it comes to betting. Therefore, there are many bet types available:

Outright Tournament Markets

Bookmakers who cover FIFA in their esports betting generally have outright tournament winner markets for major events such as the Ultimate Team Championship and the Fifa eWorld Cup. These markets typically become available once the final line up for the tournament is decided and can remain open after the tournament begins. What’s more, these wagers don’t focus on a single match. Instead, it focuses on the overall outcome of the competition in the tournament. You can place these types of wagers on a team, a region, or even a bet stating which two players will reach the finals.

Match Winner Market

Alongside Outright Tournament Markets, some of the better FIFA betting sites will allow for wagers on the result of particular matches within FIFA tournaments and between competitors. Depending upon the format of the competition and the stage of playing the tournament, these markets can be three-way:  a Draw, a Win or a Lose available to bet on.

Money-line bet

The money-line bet is the most common type of wager. This type of bet is placed on the result of a single match-up. The odds offered on these matches reflect the strength of an individual player. An example of a money-line bet would be a wager that states that Player X will Beat Player Y.

Accumulator bets / Multi-bet

Accumulator bets are also known as combo bets. They consist of multiple single stakes that, if won, will have their odds multiplied together for a large overall payout.

Special Bets

These are bets where you wager on specific events that will happen within the game as an alternative to something as broad as who will win or lose the match. An example is wagering that Player B will score 5. Regardless of the results, if the player scores 5 times, the wager will have been won.

In-Play Bets/ Live bets

In Live Betting, you place a bet once a game has started. Similar to Special Bets, you focus on a specific event during the match. For example, you can stake a wager that states Player X will block 4 goals during the game.

FIFA eSport Leagues

With the aim of being the best esports game out there, FIFA gradually continues to expand the pool of its leagues. For 2019, FIFA took it a notch higher and added EPL to its leagues. Here are some of the leagues you’ll find:

FIFA Global Series

FIFA Global Series is a tournament open to millions of people worldwide. Players earn EA Sport Global Series Points through their performance in live events and FUT championships. A player plays through divisions and the top 16 players automatically secure a place to play in the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final.

EMajor League Soccer

EMajor League Soccer’s eSport Championship is a competition where each player holds the name of the team in the American football competition.

EPremier League

For 2019, FIFA took the stakes higher with the EPL (English Premier League) official eSport league, which is open for FIFA 2019 for players in the UK. The launching was triggered by the fact that EPL is among the most popular leagues on the globe and that millions of people are playing FIFA.  EPL provides new opportunities to engage even more players around the world in 2019.

FIFA eWorld Cup

FIFA eWorld Cup is one of the most prominent tournaments in FIFA. Online qualifications take place on PlayStation and Xbox networks, and one can enter the championship via the most current version of EA Sports FIFA on Xbox One and PS4. This is open to millions of people, with the top 16 players qualify for the FIFA eWorld cup.

Players can also qualify for the FIFA eWorld Cup by battling on the Fifa Global Series with the top 16, automatically making the cut for the FeWC.

These top 16 from FIFA Global Series and the initial 16 form 32 players who enter the FIFA eWorldCup Grand Final in total.

The FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final

32 players compete at the Grand Finals of FIFA eWorld Cup. The 32 are divided into groups of four, two from each console, with the top 16 players moving on to the knockout stage. While in the Group Stage Round of 16, quarterfinals and semifinals are played on one console. The finals are a two-legged match. The Grand Final is a 3-day contest culminating in the winner taking home a huge prize.

Major football leagues around the globe are part of this esport competition. They include:

  1. The Australian A-League
  2. The German Bundesliga
  3. The Netherlands eDevise
  4. The Spanish La Liga

And in 2019, FIFA features the popular English Premier League (EPL).

Betting Bonuses and Free Bets

Bonuses take the excitement of online betting to an even higher level, and esport betting sites appear to understand this. Sites will offer players a variety of bonuses, from a Welcome Offer to Free eSport Betting. Below are some of the sites where you can claim such offers.


Betway gets you a No Deposit Bonus of $10 to welcome you to the world of online gambling. And as if that wasn’t enough, Betway offers you a free esport bet of 30EUR when you stake a bet of 10 EUR on FIFA, DOTA 2, CS:GO or League of Legends.

However, this free eSport bet is only valid when you sign up for the first time—it is a new customer offer. You can utilize this free bet to win real cash money. Make use of this free bet as soon as you sign up as it expires 7 days after your first deposit.

Betway also offers a loyalty bonus of 20 EUR from the eSport Objective Section. This offer is a 3-in-1 offer that includes a Weekly Reward, a Weekly Quest and a Weekly Bonus Quest. You need to unlock them sequentially. If you want to save a lot of money, check out the esport Objective Section on a weekly basis.


Arcanebet welcomes you to the world of esports betting with a 100% deposit bonus up to 200EUR. Moreover, they have multiple gifts and daily promotions, which vary depending on when you’re on the site. To check out specific details on a certain day, check out Arcanebet on social media.


BetSpawn offers a 100% Deposit Bonus as a welcome offer up to 133.7 EUR.  There is also a program called Road to Global Elite. The campaign enables you to win coins as you move to higher levels. You can then use these coins to buy free esport bets.


Bet365 is a gambling giant with an excellent esports market. If you open an account with Bet365, you can claim a 100% deposit bonus.

Payment Methods and Customer Security

Major bookmakers in the FIFA esports market accept numerous payment methods to cater to their customers across the globe. Most esport betting sites strive to ensure that when you sign up to bet real money, you will find a payment method that is readily available, secure and trustworthy.

Popular deposit options for esport bets include credit and debit cards, e-wallets, pre-paid cards, e-vouchers, direct bank transfers, PayPal and bitcoin.

There is no need to worry about the safety of the sensitive information you share with these betting sites — they will secure payment details with a minimum of 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) digital encryption, which you can identify by seeing a padlock icon in the URL address bar. Moreover, trustworthy jurisdiction regulates the leading esports betting sites.