DOTA 2 combines strategic play and role-playing for a truly immersive experience. Esports betting on this game could allow you to really reap the rewards!

Brief overview & history

DOTA 2 is a product of Valve Corporation and the only rival of League of Legends when it comes to MOBA (Multiplayer Arena Battle Games). It is also one of the biggest players in the world of esports betting right now.

The birth of DOTA comes from the Warcraft III mod – Defense of the Ancients – which stands for the shortened name of the game. Produced by Blizzard, the mod started the Dota evolvement process but the game itself isn’t owned or created by Blizzard. The lead designer of DOTA 2 is known to the public as Icefrog – he was one of the mod designers who got everything started.

How it’s played & how to win real money

A MOBA is a combination of strategic play and role-playing games. Each Dota matchup has two teams of five players, striving to overcome each other. There are two bases, respectively one for each team – they spawn troops called “Creeps” to conquer the lanes in game. The three lanes (or paths) which connect the two bases have towers alongside them. Creeps (or minions) aim to destroy those towers with the help of active characters. Towers try to push away enemy attack waves, with the Ancient (the central objective in each base) being the target of all fellow pushes. The first team to destroy it is the winner of the match.

Players in Dota 2 get to choose their character from a pool of over 100 champions. Each of them has their own unique abilities and can level up through battles on the map. These level-ups give us more empowered abilities while every champion strives to reach the highest level before their counterparts in the enemy team. Last-hitting minions (killing them) grants gold, and slaying enemy champions gives us even more coins to purchase items and become stronger. We can even 1v5 the enemy team if we get “fed” enough early in the game. Let’s take a look at the different champion types in Dota 2:

  • Carries – these are known as DDs, or Damage Dealers. They are weak early on in the game and tend to become massive powerhouses by the end of it. Late-game is their time to shine, so picking a Carry requires the capability of leading your team to the promised Victory land.
  • Initiators – these are responsible for starting fights all over the Dota 2 map. Even a small skirmish is best initiated by these types of characters. They are usually stockier than carries and can deal some serious damage to enemy players.
  • Supports – as you may have guessed, supports are the ones focused on protecting and enhancing fellow players. They can heal, give us bonus damage, or make us invulnerable for a short period of time – all it takes to get us ahead in the game and destroy the Ancient.
  • Disablers – filled with CC (Crowd Control) abilities, disablers use Stuns, Slows, Silences, Roots and more to prevent enemy players from acting against us. They basically immobilize them so we can take advantage. If we manage to do it fast enough, this may result in a one-sided team fight and an eventual win.
  • Nukers – as their name hints, Nukers get to nuke other characters. They deal immense amounts of damage, no matter what stage of the game we are in. Their damage output is consistent throughout the game, so you can rely on them if you need your lane opponent gone for a while.
  • Pushers – again, almost self-explanatory, pushers are designed to push lanes and destroy towers. This grants them map control, and map control is an important factor for winning, especially in competitive play.
  • Escapes – these lurking characters can avoid being damaged via special movement abilities around certain areas.

The unique thing in Dota 2 is that champion roles aren’t ultimately defined. Each role has a couple of sub-roles attached to it, so versatility in the game is guaranteed. None of the heroes in Dota 2 can play all roles, but each of them can fill two roles or even more on some occasions. Depending on your team composition and the skill level of your allies, you can be forced to fulfill three roles and essentially “Carry” them to victory while other times, you can sit back and chill while your own carries wipe out the scene.

Having such a high level of popularity, Dota 2 benefits from amazing levels of attention at any fantasy sports betting site. While we can try winning real money by playing and slaying the tournaments, this requires a lot of time and effort. As most esports enthusiasts play mostly for fun without reaching the high levels of top-tier play, we advise esports betting as the way to go if we want to snatch some Dota 2 profits. There are three main ways to make profits in the MOBA game – Real Money, Play Money, and In-Game Items.

Our main emphasis here will be the real money wagers. Any respected betting site offers Dota 2 markets to bet on and more often than not, they are among the most “colorful” to pick from. While play money doesn’t really get us physical value, they can be a good alternative for countries with gambling regulations – they can also give us the required experience to get used to real-money wagers. This way, we will be ready to engage in real money play with more confidence. And even if we don’t have that certainty yet, we can still make serious profits from esports gambling.

In Dota 2, you can bet on the Outright winner of a tournament/championship, on a Single match winner, how far will a team go along the way, First blood, Most kills in the game, number of objectives taken before the end of the game, and much more. Be it at Unibet Esports, Paddy Power Esports, Mr Green Esports, Betway Esports, Pinnacle,, Thunderpick, or Bet365 Esports, we can become proficient in esports wagers and build our bankroll with ease.

Another possible betting option with Dota 2 is the usage of In-Game Skins as a trading coin for our stakes. Launching the Steam client of the game lets us connect to the – there, we can buy, sell, or trade skins from our game inventory. Skins don’t serve any other purpose beyond visually changing our in-game appearances but many players like to have them, and this desire for collection is at the core of Skins Betting. All in-game skins have a real-money value and so they can be a neat replacement for any bets.

Skins are broken down by their level of rarity. Choosing a high-rarity level skin to bet with equals fewer items to add and also opens up more profit options ahead of us. It’s good that Steam’s platform takes care of all betting arrangements, too – we don’t need to worry if we will get our winnings. Once the bet is placed, it will all be taken care of. If we win our bet, we get the prize, and we are more than happy. If we turn out to be wrong with our prediction, another player gets to claim the spoils.

The one downside of trading/betting with Skins is if we don’t actually play Dota 2. If we don’t have an active account in the game, it is quite difficult to acquire skins in order to use them as bet replacements. There are a few markets to obtain such Skins but we don’t recommend Skin actions outside Steam. While some sites can grant a certain level of security/reliability to their platform, they are still not regulated by any Dota 2 official establishment – and getting lucky in order to receive what’s yours doesn’t seem to fit the description of adequate Skins betting.

How is the game different from others?

There are a number of factors which make Dota 2 stand out next to any other MOBA, and this isn’t a modern occurrence – it has been like that for a while, and we don’t see it changing. Although League of Legends has maybe surpassed the parent of all modern MOBAs, Dota 2 betting still packs some amazing features for players everywhere. It can be played on any PC or laptop running Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

  • Valve’s dedicated Steam Client has enabled easy access to Dota 2 for years, and this has enhanced the company’s reputation in the gaming field.
  • Each champion at Dota 2 is free to play at all times. No need to gather points to buy them as we can choose any of the one hundred characters and simply go into a game. We just need a reliable Internet connection, and we can play Dota 2 freely.
  • The in-built spectator mode makes it easier for enthusiasts to follow on any game possible – yes, even professional matchups can be watched via the Mode.
  • While we can still find a trace of RTS-style play in the game, it is toned down a lot. This lets us enjoy an entirely new game environment without forgetting our first games of Warcraft.
  • The ability to trade in-game content through the Steam client makes our playtime more interactive – both with other players and esports betting sites.

DOTA 2 Betting Rules

The rules are simple in Dota 2:

  • Launch your Steam Client
  • Start Dota 2
  • Join a matchmaking queue
  • Pick your champion
  • Play the game
  • Kill minions, take objectives, slay enemy champions
  • Push to the Ancient and win the game right after

Feature & Advantages

Tournaments in Dota 2 betting carry one of the biggest prize pools in the esports community. As all games can be watched from the Dota 2 client, this enables fans to follow and react to any championship action in a matter of seconds. In addition, we can get cool prizes only by watching certain games with Valve.

The largest Dota 2 betting prize pool can be won at the Dota 2 International Championships, conducted by Valve themselves. In 2015, the final prize pool came to $18,000,000 while in 2018, the current prize pool count stands at over $25,532,177. This is more than ten times bigger than this year’s initial LoL World Championship.

The nice addition to Valve’s prize pool system is that In-Game content bought from players can be added to the prizes at the end of each championship. Compendiums are packs of in-game visual enhancers, and can also be leveled up. When we reach a certain level of Compendiums sold, additional content is granted to all Compendiums in the game. A whopping 25% of all connected sales go straight to the prize pool money of the International Championships. Of course, there are dozens of other tournaments in Dota 2 – with varying entrant numbers, skill levels, prize pools, and more.