10 Quick Tips for Betting successfully on Esports

5th December 2018

Esports betting is a really fun way to combine your love of gaming with your love of betting, and it really isn’t that difficult.

Esports betting is a really fun way to combine your love of gaming with your love of betting, and it really isn’t that difficult. But before you hit sites like Bet365 or Unibet to splash some cash, check out our top tips that will take you from beginner to pro:

1. Look at low-key games to start with

As it’s a relatively new sport, take the time to look beyond the major competitions – as a beginner you are more likely to be able to ease in and place some successful bets on the low-key games than on the headline competitions.

2. Use a reputable site

It goes without saying that your money is safer with a reputable site like Bet365 or Betway, and you know you’ll be involved in a fair game. What’s more, the best sites have lots of banking options and quick withdrawal times for when you want to access your winnings.

3. Set some achievable goals

Maybe you want to earn a certain amount of cash or achieve a certain number of wins – setting goals will help you stay focused on the game. When you’re starting out, a good goal would be to dedicate a certain amount of time each week to watching competitive play and learning about the ins and outs of betting. It’s no use setting out to make £1,000 in your first week, make sure your goals are targeted and realistic based on the games you’re betting on and the cash you’re investing.

4. Spend safely

Just like using a reputable site, be sure to use a reputable money transfer service. Neteller, WebMoney and QIWI Wallet are great options with relationships with the big esports gambling sites. The important thing is to get your money to the gambling site safely and to be able to access your winnings with ease.

5. Set a budget

See the previous point. Don’t go blowing your whole Visa or Mastercard balance in your first week in a frenzied attempt to hit an unrealistic goal. Better to start small, set a budget for an amount you can afford to lose each week and most importantly stick to it. For example, with a Paysafecard you can load a certain amount onto the pre-pay card, saving you from overspending.

6. Identify value

This goes way beyond the basic assumption that low odds are poor value and high odds are good value, you need to learn to weigh up all the other factors to understand where those odds sit in comparison to the chance of winning. This is particularly important if you plan to bet on fantasy sports, where the variables are huge.

7. Learn the games

We recommend taking some time to really understand the gameplay and how it all works. Whether it’s Call of Duty, CSGO or Fortnite, do your research, play the games yourself if you can and really get to grips with the skills involved. That might involve studying previous matches, studying the teams that play your chosen game and communicating with more experienced people on social media for insights.

8. Specialize

Just like in other betting spheres, those who specialize tend to see the greatest success. Whether it’s League of Legends or Overwatch, choose your favourite and become a specialist. You’ll learn how to identify value in your game and make way better decisions as a result. Your WeChatPay account will thank you for it.

9. Know the players

An understanding of the key teams and players of your chosen game will unlock the door to success when it comes to esports betting. Use social media to follow where the players are and what they are up to. Keep an eye on their form – just like football teams, esports teams go through ups and downs. Some players even post videos of themselves practicing, which will give you a great idea of their skill set. DOTA 2 is a great example of this, check out their YouTube channel for a great introduction to some of the biggest games in esports.

10. Prepare to lose (at first)

Expect to lose a few bets at first. Just like anything, esport betting takes time to learn the ropes and gain the necessary knowledge to make some money. Do your homework, watch hours of Starcraft 2 before you start betting. Just be patient and don’t expect your Alipay, Boleto or Skrill account to fill up just yet.

And that’s it, good luck and safe betting!