Esports around the world is the most recent addition to the popular sports field and as such, is also eligible for sports betting. Although betting sites only picked up on fantasy sports betting a few years ago, Esports betting is rising among the ranks of the most competitive gambling sports out there. The main difference between Esports gambling and traditional sports betting is the setting. One can guess by the name that fantasy sports and Esports betting is conducted in a virtual field, playing online multiplayer games in tournaments to conquer new heights and become, essentially, the best at a certain title. When computer games first came about, most people viewed them simply as a way to escape reality, but the past two decades have made it possible to make a pretty decent living by playing fantasy sports!

While only a handful of people across the world have become famous for their Esports wealth due to fantasy sports betting, the industry is constantly expanding. We have a number of fantasy sports titles to discuss, and all of them are available for Fantasy betting at almost all times. In essence, Esports betting is just like any type of betting – users need a verified account at a betting site, deposited funds to place wagers, and need to do research to come up with the best possible bets for profits.

To engage in Esports betting, our advice is to first get to know the fantasy sports games we can bet on. When you have played League of Legends, for example, you are more aware of how the game goes, what is the most important thing to follow, and how to be victorious in the end. Having this knowledge enables more sensible Esports bets which will, ultimately, land us more money in the long run.

Beginners to the fantasy sports betting world should read about famous game titles such as CS GO, DOTA 2 and Call of Duty, study them in depth and get an idea of what is important when it comes to Esports betting. Knowing the ins and outs of Esports betting lets us decide which bet is safer than others, which one can bring us the most benefits, and how to approach it. Just like studying the statistics of football teams in strong leagues, an Esports gambler should be familiar with the different variables in any Esports category. Be it a Shooter, a MOBA, or a Strategy game, understanding the game from basics to advanced components opens up a lot of esports betting possibilities otherwise unavailable for us. So do your research into fantasy sports before going for it on any trustworthy esports betting site!

Finding the right site to start an Fantasy sports betting career can be tricky but we can cover this topic, too. Below, we will name a few of the things to look for in Esports betting so we can give you an adequate picture of how to become a master at it!

  • Number of covered types of games
  • Supported game titles
  • Is the site trustworthy?
  • What promotions can I get there?
  • Bet pricing for Esports
  • The frequency of betting opportunities
  • Variety of fantasy sports games factors to bet on
  • Tournament coverage and live streaming
  • Minimum/maximum bet sizes
  • Interaction speed between bets and payouts
  • Betting rules and laws
  • Void bets regulations
  • Available payment methods and deposit/withdrawal limits

As you can see, most of those account for regular betting, too. In Esports betting, the differentiation comes from the quick nature of online video games. While we can bet on the outcome of any sports match, the number of corner kicks in football, unforced errors in tennis, maximum points scored in basketball, and so on and so forth, in Esports betting, we come to find that we can bet on almost anything in the game’s environment. How much gold will any player have at a certain point of the game, who will perform the best, how many headshots will someone land, will there be a win in under ten minutes – the list goes on. Picture it like this – if there is a variable to keep track of in a fantasy sports game, chances are we will have the ability to bet on it!

How do you play like an Esports expert?

It is quite a difficult task to become an Esports betting expert straight away. Like in any other betting environment, gamblers need to gather experience and knowledge to reach the Expert status. First off, professional gamblers know when to bet big and when to stay passive. In fantasy sports betting, some matches are much more promising to bet on than others. For example, betting on a match between two leading teams can often confuse us and leave us with losses. Betting on our favorite team isn’t advised in any type of sports betting because there is a bias present. What divides the betting world between rookies and experts is the ability to determine when, how much, and how often to bet on a certain possibility.

Esports Rules

Esports betting follows a similar set of rules to traditional betting. We only need funds in our account and a clear idea of what to choose when placing bets on a virtual game. To make it easier for you, we have outlined the major types of fantasy sports bets. Some of them require more research and skills, while others may be better for novices.

Outrights Betting

As the name suggests, these are one of the most straightforward bets in Fantasy sports gambling. Outright bets are usually made before any big competition including more than just one phase of matches. Determining which team/player will come out on top of everyone else may land us some nice profits because odds vary a lot before an event starts and during it. Imagine having a pretty strong deduction that a team or player in the middle of the Odds table will win it. The betting odds for them will probably be higher before the start of the tournament, and we can gain juicy payments if we come out right in the end.

Just like betting that Leicester FC will win the Premier League some years back, the odds for them were at their highest before their splendid opening run. Just like that, Esports betting can bring us even more underdog betting chances – this is possible due to the versatile nature of the field where every team can pop up and smash their way to victory if they have the right motivation/roster changes. In addition to the ultimate winner bets, we also have milestone bets here – we can stake for a Next Stage qualifier or even an Eliminated team pick.

Single Match Winners

An even more straight-to-the-point bet is the Match Winner bet. Choosing a side in a single match in eSports betting come pretty close to traditional League Round betting in almost any other sport. While sometimes, the bet odds here will be fixed a couple of days before the match, in other situations, we will see the odds vary depending on how much players bet on a certain side. If the majority of wagers are made in favor of one (favourite) side only, then the odds for them will be low and this wouldn’t be a beneficial place for us to take them on. Actually, on such occasions, we like to always bet on the underdog. It may be a small bet but with odds of 1:5 or more, we can grab some serious cash if we have done our research right!

Handicap Bets

Getting a head start for the underdog side can raise the payout ration in eSports betting. This equalizes the match to a point where the favored team has to win with a bigger difference to cancel out the handicap. Expecting a clear 3-0 win in League of Legends for, let’s say, Fnatic against C9 may not give us the best betting range before the first match starts (and even lower if Fnatic wins the 1st round of the tournament). However, if we can place a bet on them with a -2.5 handicap, this limits our win conditions to only a 3-0 victory. And while the ordinary Fnatic bet could be in the range of 1.50, the placed handicap can get it up to 2.10 or even higher because it is a match of Best of 5.

Total Bets

These are similar to the double-winner bet in football or basketball – the odds there are pretty small in terms of profits but we eliminate the possibility of a draw. In eSports, we play until one side is victorious so we don’t get to choose both sides as possible winners. However, we can decide the number of maps/games played in a tournament to get pretty close to the nature of the double-winner bet. We can bet on 3 games played in total (in a 3 of 5 matches) and still hope for the 3-0 or the 0-3 result. In both cases, we win our bet no matter who dominates the field. The same goes for Maps bets – more or less than 2.5 maps played comes close to the Over/Under 2.5 goals scored in football. As you can clearly see, there are a lot of references between fantasy sports bets and traditional sports bets, and we can only study them and gain experience the more we wager!

Score Bets

Again, we can see a connection between classic sports and Esports betting here. Guessing the exact outcome of a match comes with a bigger profit odd because we get to decide the final result with precision. If we think that Invictus Gaming will overcome Fnatic by 3-0, then we can easily expect a way more tempting betting odd than usual. Be it supporting the better-performing team at the time or the designated underdog, exact Score Bets are the way to go for more experienced eSports betting enthusiasts.

Specials Bets

You can bet on almost everything in an Esports game. 1st map winner, 1st team to slay Dragon/Nashor, the total number of kills, game’s MVP, and more. We can even bet on one side to take more objectives but still lose the game or tournament eventually. This is a close equivalent of a turnaround bet in football. A true challenge in our opinion, Esports betting will surely grow to become the biggest part of any sports betting in the next decade.

Esports Strategies

No matter if you are betting at – Bet365, Paddy Power, Unibet, Mr Green,, Thunderpick, Betway or Pinnacle – Fantasy sports players need to come up with betting strategies before they can grab winnings. We can choose to follow a single line of bets – Outrights or Total Score for example, and stick to them. This way, we build an easier-to-follow line of betting, and in time, we become proficient in them. While some players are good at predicting specialty bets, most of us decide to stick to the simpler side.

Another thing to consider while choosing your Esports betting strategy is the possible bonuses depending on our chosen betting site. For instance, Betway Fantasy sports offers players with up to £30 of free money to bet with while adding a further £20 if we manage to cover certain betting criteria. Bet365, on the other hand, lets us claim up to £100 in bonus credits just by signing up and depositing.

As a general rule, if a betting site doesn’t offer an Esports betting bonus for customers, chances are their fantasy sports platform is still in the development stage, and we would try to stay away from them (excluding renowned names in the industry which already give great welcome bonuses to all players).

Features & Advantages

Now, let’s take a look at the bonus features in Esports betting. While they are fewer than other sports platforms, there are two that stand out as the most used next to ordinary eSports betting. The most popular betting feature in fantasy sport is Skins betting. These visual upgrades of a character or an item that doesn’t serve any other purpose than to enhance our in-game looks are used as a legitimate betting option among Esports betters. The ability to transfer those skins from player to player make them eligible for a bet value – some of those skins are extremely rare to come across, and this makes them incredibly valuable to eSports fans and players.

There are a number of websites where we can buy, sell, trade, or bet our skins if we want to. Usually bought with in-game currency, skins can also be sold or bought via real money, and this is what has put them on the betting map. While we don’t support legendary skin wagers (as they just seem more valuable in-game), there is the possibility to use them as a great swing-catalyst to our betting career. Even if we don’t play a certain game, we can still purchase a skin and use it as a wager.

Another road to take is Social Bets – they are less used by Esports betting fans but they can still be a good option to upgrade your betting experience. Usually made with real-life friends, these are simply bets between people in a group. “I bet you that SSG will smash this match!” – “Okay, how much do we bet then because I strongly disagree with you?”, leading to a fixed bet between fellow enthusiasts. We can also conduct these types of bets with online friends and community members but there lies the risk of not getting our winnings from time to time. There isn’t a platform for Social Bets yet, so we advise skipping this option unless you want to add some competitiveness to the Saturday watching of the Worlds Final.

Fantasy betting is also an option but it doesn’t really bring us any monetary benefits. Just like Fantasy leagues in football, this one is responsible for building your fantasy team of players and collecting points to reach the number 1 spot in the league. It may not be connected with money wagers but it is still a nice way to prove your understanding of eSports in front of friends, colleagues, and close ones.

Last but not least, challenge betting is conducted between professional players themselves. They can bet items, skins, or even real money to gain additional motivation to come out as the winners of any match. There are also dedicated websites that enable formal player vs. player bets but they are still in an introductory phase. However, it doesn’t hurt to explore these additional options as eSports betting is growing rapidly, and we need to be prepared for the next big trend coming to this field.

As for advantages, Esports betting can turn out to be easier to track and study. While classic sports usually have more than a dozen teams (or over 20 in leading leagues) to examine and cross-reference, fantasy sports mostly have a core of up to 3-5 dominant teams, with the rest of the pack being the underdogs. Picking an Fantasy sports team and getting acquainted with their game history doesn’t require much, and the variables to keep track of are easily explained and understood.

Esports Regulations & Restrictions

Fantasy sports betting is a whole new playing field when it comes to regulations and restrictions. Having no central core law-enforcing establishment, Esports regulations are still blurry to most fans of the industry, even for players at times. While no regulatory commission has a complete force-field over all eSports events, it is harder for betting sites and users there to conduct wagerings seamlessly. We have player representation, intellectual property issues, and most importantly, unclear gambling regulations.

The combination of those three can equal difficulties in communication between eSports team representatives and betting sites in some cases, and this is a field yet to be explored. While these are still things to be resolved, most eligible betting sites have trustworthy eSports betting options, and we only see this improving in the future.

Types of Payment Options

Like old-school sports betting, Esports betting relies on the same payment options to deposit/withdraw funds. MasterCard and Visa are the most popular options to use at any eSports wagers. They are easy to set up, have quick withdrawal times, and carry a high level of in-built security with them. The downside is that American Express users may find it hard to deposit into an eSports betting account. As for Bitcoin, most well-known casinos don’t offer BTC as an accepted method for eSports betting  – but there are a few smaller sites which let us use cryptocurrency.

EWallets like Neteller and Skrill are also a possible option. They are fast, have lower withdrawal times, and transactions come with a high level of security. Bank Wire Transfer is available too, as well as ACH transfers.

All in all, cashier transactions for Esports betting aren’t that different from traditional sports ones – a simple registration lets us fill in personal details and payment info in order to continue with first deposits, bonuses, and additional Esports promotions. As a vastly-growing field, Esports betting will be sure to include even more specialized money transition tools in the future, so we can expect options like EcoPayz, Paysafecard, and PayPal to come along. Until then, we can rely on the existing options to conduct our fantasy sports betting.